the ice cream bar
The Ice Cream Bar is a full service 1930s style soda fountain and classic lunch counter, serving ice cream, sodas, and savory items using locally sourced dairy and produce. Everything is made in house. The ice cream, waffle cones, cookies, candies, soda syrups & tinctures, soup, and even the buttery brioche and wheat breads for sandwiches are made daily in our kitchen. Pastry chef Lori Rich creates our unique ice cream flavors, which range from traditional butterscotch to flavors you’ve only dreamed of!
At our heart is the authentic 1930s-era soda fountain which was driven West from it’s original Mackinaw City, Michigan location. It has found itself a new home inside the curvy, Streamline Moderne interior of The Ice Cream Bar. Fountains were once the cornerstone of the social scene in many American neighborhoods, a place where people would gather and enjoy a sweet treat. Soda jerks would handcraft beverages on the spot, using house-made herbal extracts & syrups, specialized acids, and soda water. We aim to bring back these nearly lost concoctions from the golden age of the soda fountain.
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